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12 Steps To Team Success

$180 per month

for 3 months

Teamwork is now an everyday reality for thousands of people and team building & team performance are central to organizations survival / profitability. When teams are run well, they help people to contribute greater levels of achievement and provide a shared sense of purpose. In fact, team philosophy is now centric to organizational strategy in high velocity environments.

However, 3eLeaders research highlights that many people are given (or drift into) the responsibility of TEAM LEADERSHIP, but they have not been afforded the requisite LEADERSHIP training.



Why do some people to achieve their goals?

They get ahead faster and accomplish more than you, even though you work harder, longer and seemingly smarter. It’s frustrating, right? I want to make you one of those people. It’s possible; you just have to have the system for achievement.




We will introduce you to 35 of the most talked about, looked at and painfully remembered people you are likely to meet in your workplace, your sports team or your Christmas family gatherings.


  • Video Instructional’s, Topic relevant lectures, Downloadable PDFs,
  • A complete finished business plan manual.
  • You will be literally “Cutting and Pasting” your way through this process to get to your final Business Plan, something you can submit with pride.


“We are fortunate to have fabulous teachers in the field of

leadership. If you needed to have some support and expert

teaching then I have never met better”

Professor Jonathon Gray

Previous Director of Ko Awatea Counties Manukau District Health Board,