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ImmediacyEasy Access –  Bite Size – Practicality – Harmonisation 

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For the established Leader who needs tools to get deeper engagement or greater productivity from their team and those they influence.



For the new Team Leader who needs to know where to start. Immediately applicable and practical tools.



For the establishment of a team, also ideal for a new leader who has just inherited a team. Transforming a group of people into an effective team.


Impactful Leadership

Designed for the leader who wants to deepen their leadership understanding and develop the advanced skills needed to thrive in the competitive marketplace.

Equipping leaders with hands-on and pragmatic skills that will impact their organizations, companies and their people.

Workbook Guides Every Month

Downloadable Manuals with every Months Lesson.

Leadership FUEL

Designed for the new leader this program introduces the leader to the following.

  • 1 practical leadership tool every week for 56 weeks.
  • A downloadable summary sheet every month for each tool learned.
  • Four vital components required to get your leadership started and to keep it growing well

Tool Summary Guides Every Month

Downloadable Summary With Every Weeks Lesson.

12 Steps To Team Success PLUS

Establishing a new team?

This course will lead you carefully and purposefully through the essential elements required to turn a group of people into a successful team

You Get

  • Direction Setting
  • Team Values Elicitation
  • Goal creation with Meaning
  • Meetings that Matter
  • And so much more

Workbook Guides Every Month

A Downloadable Manual with every Months Lesson.

“We are fortunate to have fabulous teachers in the field of

leadership. If you needed to have some support and expert

teaching then I have never met better”

Professor Jonathon Gray

Previous Director of Ko Awatea Counties Manukau District Health Board,

I wanted to write a quick note to say a big thank you to you and Aiden for delivering such a great workshop for us today at HPSNZ. The immediate feedback we received from athletes, coaches, police and staff has been super positive. Everyone seemed to interact well and enjoy the hands on learning experience.I personally took a lot from the workshop and have been excitedly sharing my learnings with family and friends!
Anna Simcic

Athlete Life Advisor, High Performance Sport NZ

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See Your Team Leaders Equipped

  • Immediacy – People want access to tools in the moment.
  • Access – View and access resources from anywhere, no more days off the job.
  • Bite Size –short and to the point, people want to “cut to the chase”, get the information and resources and then get out.
  • Practicality – although academic (Diploma level material) content is heavily weighted towards practical real “on the job” tools.
  • Harmonisation – Every new resource compliments all previous material using a double helix effect.