Speed Reading


Speed Reading: Getting Started


It is possible to double your reading speed by the end of this course. You will read more in less time!
This is the Information Age and knowledge is power. Half of what we know today, we didn’t know just fifteen years ago. The amount of information has doubled just in the last fifteen years and some experts predict it will be doubling again every two years.



  • Speed Reading – how well do you currently read and what’s possible?
  • Why most people read below their potential and with poor comprehension
  • Key techniques to increase your reading speed, focus and comprehension
  • How to quickly double your reading speed through effective practice
  • Reading strategies for different materials and purposes

We get more printed information thrown at us in one day than our great-grandparents saw in a lifetime. Information is coming at us from all directions. Books, memos, periodicals, email, newspapers, reports, faxes, magazines, the Internet, and more leave many buried, able to wade through just a fraction of what they need to know.
Everyone has books on the shelf they’ve never read because they didn’t have the time. Some even find reading a slow, laborious task because they read slowly, their mind wanders, they’re often having to go back and re-read what they just read

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