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‘Speak With Confidence’

A frequent question we get is, “How can I level up my speaking game like you guys?”

Leveraging and drawing on our extensive experience captivating audiences, Aiden and I have distilled our secrets into an exclusive framework just for you.

Enroll in our exciting 4-session online course, and discover the power to leave a lasting impression every time you speak with purpose. Elevate your communication skills and stand out – seize the chance to join us now and speak with confidence like never before!

Aiden Holliday and Brenton Bai

Aiden Holliday and Brenton Bai, Owners and Co-Founders of 3eLeader

brief intro

“Make thyself a craftsman in speech, for thereby thou shalt gain the upper hand”.

 Inscription found in a 3,000-year-old Egyptian tomb

course overview

The goal of this course is a ‘paint by numbers’ approach to crafting a presentation and the simple steps that will help get you started. We have dissected this process down into simple steps, ending with a presentation you can deliver.

Each step contains

  • Short videos,
  • An Instructional guide and
  • Downloadable pdf worksheets to guide you through each step.

who is this for?

  • People who have been asked to deliver a presentation
  • Anyone with an interest in public speaking
  • Anyone who would like a process to follow when writing a presentation.
  • Anyone with a leadership position.

lesson objective

  • Upon completing this module, participants should be able to prepare and give a presentation.
  • You will be able to break the overall presentation into small steps which can more easily be accomplished
  • Know some of the key ingredients that will make your presentation interesting and engaging.


Founder and co Owner 3eLeader

Msc (Neurosci); MBA (Intl); M. Phil. (Ldrshp);

Grad. Dip. Strat. Man. Adv. Cert. Adlt. Teach. NLP M.prac

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Founder and co owner 3eLeader

Grad. Dip. Strat. Man. Adv. Cert. Adlt.