12 Steps to team success

$180.00 / month for 3 months

12 Step Team Development

Teamwork is now an everyday reality for thousands of people and team building & team performance are central to organizations survival / profitability. When teams are run well, they help people to contribute greater levels of achievement and provide a shared sense of purpose. In fact, team philosophy is now centric to organizational strategy in high velocity environments.

However, 3eLeaders research highlights that many people are given (or drift into) the responsibility of TEAM LEADERSHIP, but they have not been afforded the requisite LEADERSHIP training



12 Steps To Team Transformation

Every step of the Team development program puts you and your team in the driver’s seat. Enjoy the comprehensive step by step process for setting your team up for success. You will have access to Videos on key development concepts and Pdf’s with the exercises to facilitate the team development principles.  Great team leadership begins by implementing the key principles to how teams operate. Once you understand and apply these principles teams begin to flourish.


Why did we build 12 Weeks?

We have been delivering Leadership Development in high velocity environments internationally for 20 years now. See more here. Overwhelmingly we find good and hard working people promoted into leadership at every level who struggle with the complexities of leadership and in particular “Team Leadership”. It is our desire to enable these people to do well in the basics.

It’s amazing how little people often need to really get confident and motivated in their leadership. This course gives people a structure that they have often been unable to acquire. My experience is that people will get excited just by the thought of the journey.

What is in 12 Weeks?

Almost 20 videos, some of them are “up close and personal” where we explain a technique and tool and other videos are of our most recent conferences in New Zealand.

PDFs – Downloadable worksheets on every topic

How do I get the course?

It is an “on line” programme, it is viewed online and purchased online.

Who is 12 Weeks for?

Anyone in any form of Team Leadership. You will learn in a sequential fashion the 12 essentials to rock solid team leadership.

Who is currently using 12 Weeks?

It is being used in Health, Industry and the Commercial sector with great success

Whats the best way to use it?

The idea is to do it in “steps” (rather than necessarily in weeks) that way people can work through it at a pace that suites their own contextual demands. You watch that weeks videos, download the PDFs and then go and run your team meeting. It’s really that simple.

Why do I only get the course for 6 months?

You should be able to complete the whole course within that time easily, we don’t want people to make the purchase and then park it in their “must do” folder and then never do it. You have 26 weeks to see team transformation and to grow personally. Your good for this!

What support do I have?

I have been advised to not do the following, BUT I like to make myself available to take calls for the first month, just to give people a sense that there is backup and clarification on hand should they feel they need it. I really want you to be great at this! For those off shore, I can email and/or skype. Im here for you.

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