dealing with difficult people

35 of the most ‘interesting’ people you will ever meet…


Extra Grace Required

We all know one; you may be even working with one.

Allow me to introduce you to some of the most talked about, looked at and painfully remembered people you are ever likely to meet in your workplace, your sports team or your Christmas family gatherings.

They may have been a source of ulster breeding frustration, or they could be just that person whose behaviour never fails to both intrigue and amuse you. Either way, learning how to simply and effectively manage them will have you becoming the most talked about, looked at and wonderfully remembered person people are ever likely to know.


The Gossip

Unconfident Newbie

The Perfectionist

Perfectionist Boss

Petty Bureaucrat

Idea Thieves

Know it all

Expert and Intellectual

Meet All 35 Of These Unique Folk

You will also have access to a downloadable PDF that can be used for one or all of our favourite EGRs